Note: it is an estimate so if you complete the test too soon after you completed a previous one, it is possible that the score may also go down. Don’t worry! This doesn’t mean your child has forgotten words – there is a margin of error for the estimate, i.e., a range where the app can make inaccuracies, and when you test the same child in shorter intervals, it is likely that the vocabulary estimate falls within this margin of error. That doesn’t mean you can’t test the same child – please do so, but this is just to say don’t worry!

Don’t also worry if your child doesn’t say most of the words on the list – the words are chosen at random and are not tailored to the capabilities of particular age-groups. So it is just as likely that your child knows all the words on the list or none of the words on the list depending on how old s/he is and what words were randomly chosen by the app to test. We will still be able to provide a reliable estimate of your child’s vocabulary.